Tips&TricksExploring the connection between cat's fur color and personality: are they really linked?

Exploring the connection between cat's fur color and personality: are they really linked?

Does the color of a cat's fur matter?
Does the color of a cat's fur matter?
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3:55 PM EST, January 24, 2024

Many individuals, worldwide, have a special love for cats. Owners often go above and beyond when it comes to coddling these beloved pets. An interesting fact is that cats were domesticated around 9500 years ago. Today, they are deemed the most popular pets on a global scale. On average, wild cats can live up to 8 years. However, a well-cared-for feline, living domestically, could even reach an age between 14-17 years. Quite fascinatingly, scientists propose that a cat's fur color may bear significant meaning. Could a cat's personality indeed be associated with its fur color?

Uncovering the Surprising Results of Science

It's noteworthy that the hypothesis, linking fur color to a cat's character, isn't a novel idea. Various studies have been launched into this topic as far back as 2012. Analysts state that cats, much like humans, exhibit varied personality types. Scholars endeavored to explore the so-called "big five" cat personality traits, which are neuroticism, dominance, extraversion, impulsivity, and agreeableness. Notably, researchers associated neuroticism in cats with fearfulness, insecurity, and human aversion. Cats with lower levels of neuroticism were labeled as trusting, calm, and confident. Cats regarded as impulsive were typified by unpredictability and rash behavior. Conversely, a feline showing low impulsivity was classified as predictable and restrained.

Does the Color of a Cat's Fur Really Affect Their Behavior?

Regrettably, quite a few people succumb to preconceptions about cats. Most, if not all, are familiar with the superstition of black cats being harbingers of misfortune. However, this is merely a common misconception. The studies aimed at discovering if a cat's fur color substantially influences its behavior have been rather inconclusive. Until today, no evidence confirms that fur color truly determinates a cat's character. Reviews of diverse methodologies, implemented in examining cat personalities, concluded that disparities in results and perspectives stem mainly from caretaker biases. What role does the breed play then? Interestingly, a study investigating breed significance revealed that British Shorthairs are more introverted and the least likely to seek human interaction. Meanwhile, other studies affirm that there are marked differences present among cat breeds, suggesting that the breed also doesn't wholly define a pet's character.

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