LifestyleExploring the benefits of moderated celibacy in relationships

Exploring the benefits of moderated celibacy in relationships

Periodic abstinence has many benefits.
Periodic abstinence has many benefits.
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9:58 AM EST, November 29, 2023

Contrary to common perception, periodic abstinence is not a cause of embarrassment but a gateway to sexual rejuvenation. A "sex-fast" period can be utilized effectively - like reading erotic literature to discover what truly arouses us.

Increasingly, individuals in relationships are consciously opting for a practice known as moderated celibacy. Surprisingly, this decision can yield manifold benefits for the relationship, enabling it to grow and solidify over time.

The rise of periodic abstinence

"The Sun," a popular British tabloid, reveals that an escalating number of couples are choosing periodic sexual abstinence. It reports, "Recent data shows search volumes for the term 'celibacy' on Google have surged by 90 percent just within the last month."

Journalist Kate Taylor champions a month-long sex hiatus and shares several insightful tips to utilize this period effectively.

"According to the latest YouGov statistics, coupled individuals in their twenties engage in sex about three times a week," says "The Sun.".

However, it may prove beneficial to press pause occasionally. Even a brief sex break can lead us to unearth novel, thrilling fantasies. We can share these with our partner while we explore what truly stimulates us.

Taylor recommends levering 'the sex-fast' to read erotic literature. It gives couples the chance to show each other their preferred touches, watch erotic films as a pair, and experiment with sex toys.

A month of celibacy can kindle libido

Coupled individuals in their thirties often experience a productive but challenging phase which can, at times, render sex routine. "Sex shifts from being magical to merely functional," explains the journalist. Importance lies not only in expressing affections through physical contact but through other love languages as well: words of affirmation, assistance with practical tasks, gift-giving, and spending quality time together.

Contrarily, coupled individuals in their forties typically have sex once a week. Despite this, Taylor advocates an implementation of at least two weeks to a month of celibacy. Her reasoning? "To reinvigorate the mystery," She encourages couples to engage in regular dating, reminiscent of the initial stages of their relationships.

This practice also works wonders for couples in their fifties. This brief hiatus can lead to a sexual rejuvenation. As Taylor highlights, couples often experience the best sex of their lives post-abstinence. "Moderate celibacy can help elevate the passion," she suggests, recommending sensory focus as an effective practice.

But what is sensory focus? "In lieu of coitus, emphasis is laid on foreplay and touch. It's an effective approach to combat issues like premature ejaculation, low libido, or body acceptance concerns," details the journalist. Additionally, this practice "can light the spark in couples' intimacy and break the monotony of their sex life."

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