FoodExplore the benefits of chicory coffee for a healthier lifestyle

Explore the benefits of chicory coffee for a healthier lifestyle

Such a change can bring numerous health benefits.
Such a change can bring numerous health benefits.
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5:17 PM EDT, June 9, 2024

Coffee has many benefits, but like any food product, it's not suitable for everyone. It is especially not recommended for those with high blood pressure. Do you have to give up this drink, then? Not necessarily. You can choose another version, which can also be beneficial during weight loss.

If you enjoy the taste and aroma of coffee but find caffeine unsuitable, chicory coffee might be a good solution. What should you know about it?

With a characteristic bitterness

Chicory coffee? Some people object to this name because, according to them, the only actual coffee is a beverage made from coffee beans. However, the taste of chicory coffee is remarkably similar. How is this drink made? Through the processing of the chicory root. It is dried, ground, and roasted, which gives it its aroma. This type of coffee is available in an instant form, making its preparation extremely easy. Its taste is somewhat nutty with a characteristic bitterness. This is why some people mix it with spices, honey, milk, or plant-based drinks.

When you can't sleep

Coffee is one of the healthiest drinks we often write about. Various studies support this. The same applies to chicory coffee. Primarily, it doesn’t contain caffeine, which, in many ailments, you need to limit or even eliminate. It is not recommended for people with sleep problems, digestive issues, or high blood pressure.

Research shows chicory coffee stimulates digestion, speeds metabolism, and aids fat burning. This is possible because it promotes the secretion of gastric juices. It also contains fiber and inulin, a polysaccharide that supports the proper development of intestinal microflora. Healthy intestinal microflora protects the body from the invasion of pathogenic microorganisms. This is why chicory coffee is considered one of the best prebiotic products.

A few more pluses

This drink, in small doses, can also have an antidepressant effect thanks to its beta-carboline content. Chicory coffee is also rich in antioxidants, which help remove harmful free radicals from the body. This reduces the risk of developing many diseases, including atherosclerosis, diabetes, high blood pressure, psoriasis, and even cancer.

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