TechExperts warn: we need to immediately reduce the use of fossil fuels

Experts warn: we need to immediately reduce the use of fossil fuels

MAE appeals to reduce the use of fossil fuels.
MAE appeals to reduce the use of fossil fuels.
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5:28 PM EDT, October 15, 2023

The International Energy Agency warns that the consumption of fossil fuels should be immediately reduced. Otherwise, the consequences of the deepening climate disaster will be even more strongly felt.

Climate warming is a topic that has been loud for many years. Although many solutions are being developed to prevent climate disaster, they are still not widespread enough for us to feel safe. The International Energy Agency (IEA) made the matter clear in their latest statement.

"To limit global warming, we should immediately reduce methane emissions from fossil fuels, and significant reductions are possible with existing technology at low cost," she stated.

Clear position of the Agency

"An immediate reduction in methane emissions is necessary in order to limit warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius (34.7 degrees Fahrenheit)" - declared the IEA. Methane appears in the atmosphere much less frequently than carbon dioxide, but is responsible for about 30 percent of the current global temperature increase. It lasts in the atmosphere for just about ten years, but it absorbs energy much quicker than carbon dioxide.

Limiting greenhouse gas emissions is seen as a quick way to curb global warming in the short-term perspective and quickly improve air quality, but it doesn't solve all problems, as noted by the Agency.

"Without targeted actions on methane, even with deep cuts in fossil fuel use, the average global surface temperature increase is likely to exceed 2.8°F by 2050." - estimates.

The agency stated that 75 percent of methane emissions from oil and gas activities, and half of that produced by coal, could be curbed using existing technology. The cost of employing all existing mitigation strategies in the oil and gas sector by 2030 would be "less than two percent of the net income achieved by this industry in 2022," it added.

The agency emphasizes, however, that there are considerably more actions that should be undertaken. Yet, limiting methane is crucial in order to fend off the most serious consequences of the climate crisis. This includes "preventing almost a million premature deaths due to exposure to ozone and losing 198 million pounds of crops by 2050" - experts add.

Unfortunately, the Agency also mentions that the actions taken (or lack thereof) are insufficient. The energy sector generated 149 million tons of methane emissions in 2022, representing a slight increase compared to the previous year.

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