FoodExpert cook reveals: Sour cream to prevent potato pancakes from darkening quickly

Expert cook reveals: Sour cream to prevent potato pancakes from darkening quickly

Potatoes quickly change color after peeling. Why?
Potatoes quickly change color after peeling. Why?
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5:44 AM EST, February 25, 2024

Potatoes are a staple in many kitchens. They're incredibly versatile, forming the basis of numerous delectable dishes. We pair them with the classic pork chop, stuff dumplings with them, or fry them into delicious fries to serve alongside fish for a classic Friday dinner.

Among these numerous dishes, potato pancakes hold a special place. These are easy to make and taste amazing. However, making them isn't without certain issues. So, what is the problem exactly, and how can it be solved? Allow me to explain.

Tip from an Expert Cook

Many home cooks encounter a common hurdle: potatoes, once peeled and grated, change colour rapidly. This discoloration occurs due to the potatoes' direct contact with air, leading to oxidation. Over time, they turn brown. Though this doesn't alter their taste, it's not very pleasing to the eye.

Fortunately, there is a simple and effective solution for this issue. A helpful trick is to add a dollop of sour cream to the potato batter for pancakes - it slows down the darkening considerably. This ingenious tip was shared by an experienced cook who worked in a school cafeteria for many years. She assured me that, in addition to preserving the potatoes' appealing colour, sour cream also imparts a unique flavor to the batter, making your potato pancakes softer and even more delicious.

Other Useful Strategies

But the tricks don't stop there. To the potato batter, you can also add plain yogurt which acts similarly to sour cream. Another option is to rinse the potatoes with cold water or keep them under a tight cover. Adding a little wheat flour or potato flour works wonders too, as these act as an effective shield against air, thereby preventing the quick discolouration of the potatoes.

Last but not least, there's another method worth mentioning: the application of lemon juice to the potatoes. However, use this method sparingly as adding too much can rather quickly begin influencing the taste of the potatoes.

You can add, among other things, cream to the potatoes.
You can add, among other things, cream to the potatoes.© Adobe Stock | artemstepanov
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