SportsEx-NBA star faces misdemeanor charges after a traffic stop reveals drugs and gun

Ex‑NBA star faces misdemeanor charges after a traffic stop reveals drugs and gun

Basketball on wooden floor.
Basketball on wooden floor.
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1:52 PM EST, January 31, 2024

The police arrested former basketball player Rajon Rondo in Indiana on Sunday, January 28. The ex-NBA star is charged with drugs & gun possession.

According to the Indiana State Police, Rajon Rondo possessed marijuana and drug paraphernalia. He also had a gun on him while being prohibited. All these charges are classified as misdemeanors.

The Odor of Marijuana in the Cabin of the ex-NBA Star

As "Courier Journal" points out, the former basketball guard was initially stopped by an Indiana State Police officer for committing a traffic violation. Somebody spotted him driving recklessly and reported it. When the officer stopped him, he smelled the odor of marijuana inside the vehicle. The search of the car resulted in the locating of a gun, drugs, and paraphernalia.

As for a firearm, Rajon Rondo is prohibited from possessing it due to a protection order. According to, two orders of this kind were placed against the athlete.

The former basketball star was taken to jail, where he quickly posted bond and was released. The media revealed that there was a young person inside Rondo's car when he was arrested. The details are unknown; this person was taken to the family member.

The player's initial hearing is arranged for February 27. Jackson County Superior Court will conduct procedures.

Rajon Rondo's Career in Brief

Born in 1986, Rondo became a star of the Kentucky Wildcats. During the first season in the team (2004-2005), he recorded 87 steals. This was the top season result for Kentucky, which still stands.

The 37-year-old star played 16 seasons in the NBA, winning championships twice: in 2008 with the Boston Celtics and in 2020 with the LA Lakers. He became an NBA All-Star four times (2010-2013).


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