EntertainmentEx-employee spills on Kardashians: 'Kim's niceness vs Kourtney's cold shoulder'

Ex‑employee spills on Kardashians: 'Kim's niceness vs Kourtney's cold shoulder'

Ex-employee spills on Kardashians: 'Kim's niceness vs Kourtney's cold shoulder'
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8:47 AM EST, January 9, 2024

The Dash boutique opened in 2006 in California, adding two more stores in Miami and New York City. One of its employees was Cyndy Castro. These days, she operates a TikTok account where she presents comedic content and shares stories from her personal life. She recently decided to talk about her experience working at the Dash boutique.

The former Dash employee shares her experience working with the Kardashians

In the published video, Cyndy was candid about having a positive experience working with Kim. She remembers the reality TV star as being extremely friendly and humble. Cindy explained that communicating with Kim gave the impression of someone who treated everyone equally. It didn't feel as if she were talking down to her employees. She was very approachable and open. However, the interactions with the other sisters painted a different picture.

Khloe is quick to point out your faults. She can be brutally direct, sometimes to the point where she could make you cry. But she also shows a softer side from time to time, revealed Cyndy.

As for her interaction with Kourtney, Cyndy's experiences were considerably less positive. She described the 44-year-old as appearing unfriendly, typically ignoring the employees.

Kourtney wasn't pleasant, wasn't attentive towards us, and barely interacted. Any issue she had would be addressed to her sisters or the store manager. We barely exchanged a few sentences, recalls Cyndy.

The TikTokker noted that although a few years have passed since she worked at the boutique and Kourtney may have since evolved, her memories remain unpleasant.

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