LifestyleEvening application of deodorant may be more effective, dispels dermatologist

Evening application of deodorant may be more effective, dispels dermatologist

Excessive underarm sweating is a nightmare for many people.
Excessive underarm sweating is a nightmare for many people.
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1:06 AM EST, January 14, 2024

Deodorant is a common morning must-have. It works to prevent worries about unpleasant body odor and underarm stains throughout the day.

Surprisingly, applying deodorant in the morning might do more harm than good. Dermatology experts explain why this might be the case.

Using deodorant first thing in the morning? That might be a mistake

Dr. Shari Lipner, a dermatologist with 18 years of experience, was interviewed by the British web service "The Sun," explaining why using deodorant in the morning isn't such a good idea.

According to Dr. Lipner, deodorant should only be applied in the evening to allow it to work effectively.

She shared, "We sweat less at night. This allows the active ingredients in deodorant to reach the sweat glands after application, thereby significantly reducing sweat secretion." By limiting usage to the evenings, you can also limit sweat secretion.

It's important to distinguish between deodorant and antiperspirant before applying. While deodorants neutralize the smell of sweat, antiperspirants block sweat secretion and neutralize odors.

Consider investing in an antiperspirant and applying it in the evening after bathing to reduce sweat secretion.

Dr. Lipner dispelled a common myth in her "The Sun" interview. Contrary to popular belief, using an antiperspirant isn't harmful, and taking breaks from using the product isn't necessary.

Should you consider taking a sweat blocker?

Since sweat glands cover nearly the entire human body, you should not fear using antiperspirants under your arms.

People who suffer from excessive sweating often resort to "sweat blockers", typically sold as tablets. These products limit sweat secretion over the entire body, which isn't healthy.

Sweating isn't pointless. We eliminate numerous toxins from our system through sweat. Blocking sweat secretion can be unhealthy and even dangerous. If you're struggling with excessive sweating, consult a dermatologist to get recommendations for suitable products.

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