NewsEuropean Parliament Vice-President suggests EU needs its own nuclear umbrella amid rift with U.S.

European Parliament Vice-President suggests EU needs its own nuclear umbrella amid rift with U.S.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump
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5:54 AM EST, February 14, 2024

Currently, NATO retains control over the nuclear forces in Europe, as highlighted by the Vice President of the European Parliament. However, the German representative, who is campaigning for reelection in the upcoming parliament elections, believes that U.S. allies should no longer exclusively rely on Washington for their overall security and nuclear deterrence.

"NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has rightfully noted that the Americans are heavily invested in providing protection. Yet, in light of the recent statements by Donald Trump, this can no longer be given," Katharina Barley shared in an interview with Germany's "Tagesspiegel."

The Vice President of the European Parliament posits that if the United States ceases supplying weapons to Ukraine, it falls to the European Union to take up this mantle. Thus, she suggests, the next stride towards crafting a joint army in Europe might involve establishing its independent nuclear shield.

According to Barley, achieving a unified army in Europe requires the development of the "Sky Shield" air defense system and coordination in procuring arms.

Martin Schirdewan, a representative of the German Left in the European Parliament, publicly rejected the Vice President's statement. Speaking with AFP, he described Trump's words as "nonsense," and proposed that it would be most fruitful for the EU to devote its efforts towards fostering "reconciliation, disarmament, and social justice across borders."

"Additional nuclear bombs won't make the world safer," Schirdewan underscored that the existing global arsenal could obliterate our planet 50 times over. Rather than nurturing fantasies about having their own nuclear weapons, he suggested Barley's party should push Germany to "finally sign the Nuclear Weapons Prohibition Treaty."

Just a few days ago, Donald Trump, the former U.S. President who aims to reclaim his position in the White House, announced that he "would encourage" Russia to assault NATO members who fail to live up to their financial commitments to the Alliance.

Source: "Tagesspiegel", AFP

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