EntertainmentEuphoria star Sydney Sweeney bitten by 'trained' spider on movie set, mistaken for acting

Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney bitten by 'trained' spider on movie set, mistaken for acting

Sydney Sweeney was attacked on a movie set.
Sydney Sweeney was attacked on a movie set.
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12:53 PM EST, December 15, 2023

Sydney Sweeney hails from Washington and is an accomplished American actress. Her role as Cassie Howard in the HBO series "Euphoria" increased her popularity and her talent continues to capture the attention of the film and television industry.

When Sydney Sweeney became too absorbed in her role

Sydney Sweeney found herself in a peculiar situation while engrossed in the role of Bei in the movie "Anyone but You". During an appearance on "The Tonight Show" with Jimmy Fallon, the "Euphoria" star shared a unique experience she had on the set of a new romantic comedy where she plays a lead role. Sweeney confessed she was bitten by a spider.

The crew assured Sweeney that the spider was harmless, even going so far as to say it was trained. However, Sweeney was skeptical, remarking, "I don't know how you can possibly train a spider. This is impossible". In one scene, Sydney's character encounters a large spider that was supposed to be placed in the underwear of Glenn Powell, who plays Ben in the movie. However, while filming, the spider unexpectedly got agitated and attacked Sydney. She screamed, but everyone thought she was just acting.

Fortunately, there was no serious harm done. The medical team on set tended to her promptly. The attending physician humorously described Sweeney's condition as: "Sydney Sweeney (cast member) treated for a spider bite, now Spiderwoman."

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