NewsEU ramps up sanctions on Russia, targets defense sector; Russia retaliates with entry bans

EU ramps up sanctions on Russia, targets defense sector; Russia retaliates with entry bans

Sergey Lavrov
Sergey Lavrov
Images source: © PAP | SHAMIL ZHUMATOV / POOL
10:25 AM EST, February 24, 2024

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It's been two years since Vladimir Putin initiated a full-blown invasion of Ukraine. Meanwhile, the European Union continues to exert pressure on Russia. "We are further tightening our restrictive measures against the Russian defense and military sectors today. These measures target additional entities in third-party countries supplying equipment and those involved in the illegal deportation and militarization of Ukrainian children," stated the High Representative for EU foreign affairs, Josep Borrell.

The Council has decided to impose restrictive measures on an additional 106 individuals and 88 entities, who they regard as responsible for undermining Ukraine's territorial integrity, sovereignty, and independence.

The Council has also added 27 new entities to the list of those directly supporting the Russian military-industrial complex in the ongoing conflict with Ukraine. They are subjected to increased export restrictions. Moreover, the decision made on Friday broadens the list of products subjected to restrictions for manufacturing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Following the EU's decision, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced its retaliatory sanctions.

"In response to these hostile actions, the Russian side has substantially extended the list of representatives from European institutions and EU member states who are prohibited from entering the territory of our country," the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow was quoted as saying.

The entry ban to Russia applies to representatives of law enforcement agencies and commercial organizations from EU countries, EU citizens responsible for providing military support to Ukraine, as well as representatives of the Council of Europe and members of the legislative assemblies of the European Union.

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