NewsEstonian President Backs Kyiv's Right to Target Russian War Efforts

Estonian President Backs Kyiv's Right to Target Russian War Efforts

Ukrainian attacks on Russia "completely justified". Kyiv: the country will burn
Ukrainian attacks on Russia "completely justified". Kyiv: the country will burn
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9:03 AM EDT, April 4, 2024

"Attacks on military targets and objects that support Russia's war efforts are completely justified," said Estonian President Alar Karis. This statement came a day after the USA announced that it "does not support attacks by Ukraine on targets within Russian territory." In response, Kyiv succinctly stated: "We will continue our work."

"Given that Russia sets no limits in its attacks on Ukraine, we should not restrain the aid we provide to Ukraine," Karis, as quoted by his office, underscored.

Karis highlighted that it is "completely justified" for Kyiv to target military facilities and those aiding the war effort on Russian soil to hinder its military capabilities.

He voiced concerns over any limits placed on assistance to Ukraine, arguing that statements like "we will help Ukraine only to a certain point" merely aid Russia in strategizing its assaults.

Karis reminded us that, as an economic and military force, the European Union and its transatlantic allies are stronger than Russia, the aggressor in this conflict.

He stressed, "This war pits colonial evil against the defense of international law and state sovereignty." He argued that without sufficient supplies for Ukraine's fight for freedom, the West's reserves lose their significance.

Furthermore, Karis emphasized the importance of continuous support in rebuilding Ukraine's infrastructure, devastated by Russia, to foster hope for normalization and enable displaced Ukrainians to return. He also expressed Estonia's readiness to bolster the Ukrainian economy through business cooperation in defense, construction, and digital sectors.

"Special emphasis should be on science and education, as they play a crucial role in shaping Ukraine's future. Just as we value education highly in Estonia, the same principle applies to Ukraine," Karis noted.

At a press conference, Karis discussed the future of Ukraine and Moldova within the European Union and NATO, stressing that these countries should constantly be considered in the context of expansion.

The same day, Estonian Minister of Foreign Affairs Margus Tsahkna mentioned his efforts to persuade NATO allies to dedicate 0.25% of their GDP annually to military aid for Ukraine.

The USA opposes attacks on Russian rear territories

On Tuesday, the United States, still deliberating on the previously promised military aid for Kyiv, declared it "does not support attacks by Ukraine on targets within Russian territory."

Meanwhile, Vasyl Maluk, head of Ukrainian intelligence SBU, firmly stated: "It's crucial that we quickly reduce revenue to the Russian budget, thereby suffocating Putin," as reported by CNN. "We will continue our work, ensuring this 'gas station country' remains aflame," he added.

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