NewsEstonian intelligence warns. Russia is preparing a "new offensive."

Estonian intelligence warns. Russia is preparing a "new offensive."

War in Ukraine
War in Ukraine
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4:15 AM EDT, October 21, 2023

- Russia has around four million artillery shells, allowing them to continue fighting in Ukraine for another year - said Col. Ants Kiviselg, head of the Estonian Defense Forces Intelligence Center. He also drew attention to the huge deliveries of projectiles from North Korea. He emphasized that the Russians are preparing for a "new offensive".

According to an Estonian military officer, Pyongyang has already transferred 350,000 missiles to Russia. According to him, this means that Moscow sees the war with Ukraine in the long-term perspective.

- Reports are appearing that even a thousand containers have been transported to the Krasnodar Territory. It seems that the main goal of the Russian forces is now to regain the initiative - assessed the head of Estonian intelligence.

"Russian preparations for the "new offensive""

Col. Ants Kiviselg also reported that at this stage of the war, Russia is focusing its efforts primarily on two fronts: Avdiivka-Marinka near Donetsk and Kupyansk-Lyman north of Kramatorsk.

According to him, this is the Russians' preparation for a "new offensive", not - as Russian propaganda assures - an "active defense".

Will the war last for years? Estonian intelligence raises alarm

Despite this - underlined the head of the Estonian Defense Intelligence Center - the Ukrainian army still has a chance to "break through enemy defenses in the near future and enter their operational space".

As reported by the Ukrainian General Staff, just in the last day there have been 77 confrontations with the Russian army in Ukraine. Ukraine, among others, repelled 20 attacks carried out with air support.

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