NewsEscalating aviation hazards in Russia linked to Western sanctions, reports Wall Street Journal

Escalating aviation hazards in Russia linked to Western sanctions, reports Wall Street Journal

Do sanctions work? Serious problem in Russia.
Do sanctions work? Serious problem in Russia.
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4:14 PM EST, February 5, 2024

Drawing on data from Cirium, an aviation analysis source, experts at the "Wall Street Journal" recorded a rate of "9.9 safety-related incidents per 100,000 aircraft departures" in Russia during 2023.

Expert reports reveal a substantial increase in incidents, as the 2023 figures are twice as many as were observed in both 2022 and 2019.

The root of the issue, according to the American newspaper, stems from Western sanctions, which impact Russia's aviation industry adversely. Such punitive measures prevent Russia from purchasing airplane spare parts, updating their machinery software, and conducting maintenance.

Even though the majority of these incidents have not resulted in severe passenger injuries or disastrous outcomes, the "Wall Street Journal" warns of the significant safety threat posed by the mechanical breakdowns of aircraft in Russia. Such breakdowns also put additional pressure on pilots.

Source: "The Wall Street Journal"

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