EntertainmentErling Haaland's notable reaction becomes meme material

Erling Haaland's notable reaction becomes meme material

Erling Haaland in the picture.
Erling Haaland in the picture.
Images source: © Licensor | EPA, PAP, Peter Powell, Twitter: Out of Context Football
10:51 PM EST, December 5, 2023

There are lingering implications from the sensational Premier League game between Manchester City and Tottenham. One of the highlights that fans will remember vividly is Erling Haaland's impassioned reaction to a contentious referee's decision towards the end of the match. Haaland's emotive facial expression has since been immortalized in a multitude of memes, including artistic reinterpretations of famous works of art.

Manchester City’s Sunday match against Tottenham created significant waves. The thrilling game concluded with a 3:3 draw. The questionable decision by the referee at the climax of the game, which denied Manchester City of potentially clinching victory, stirred up a maelstrom of emotions.

During overtime, Erling Haaland single-handedly intercepted the ball from his half. A futile attempt by an adversary to cause a foul on the Norwegian striker didn't succeed. Haaland remained on his feet and sent a through pass to Jack Grealish. The English midfielder could have leveled against the opposing goalkeeper when an unexpected referee’s whistle halted the action.

Simon Hooper, surprisingly, ruled a foul against Haaland. This decision left many in awe as the referee initially instated the advantage rule and allowed the gameplay to proceed, only to hold back just after Haaland's pass.

The referee's decision sparked outrage among Manchester City players, especially Erling Haaland - his vehemently angry expression as he darted to the referee created ripples online. Capitalizing on this, Out Of Context Football - a popular profile recognized for comical soccer-related commentary and memes, decided to spotlight this scene.

Out Of Context Football introduced a fresh meme to its nearly four million followers on Social Media X - a reinterpretation of Edvard Munch's iconic painting "The Scream", but with a twist. Haaland's fury was humorously integrated into the meme, which was then widely circulated online. The Norwegian striker noticed this artistic spin, shared it, and responded with a notable commentary.

"It's the first thing that made me smile today" - Haaland wrote.
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