NewsErdogan offers to host Ukraine-Russia summit, vows support for Kyiv

Erdogan offers to host Ukraine-Russia summit, vows support for Kyiv

Ukraine-Russia Summit. Firm Declaration of Turkey
Ukraine-Russia Summit. Firm Declaration of Turkey
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6:51 AM EST, March 9, 2024

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During a joint press conference with President Zelensky, Erdogan underlined Turkey's support for Ukraine's territorial integrity. He informed that their discussions touched upon issues related to the war, navigation security in the Black Sea, and the disrupted agreement with Russia regarding a safe maritime corridor for ships transporting Ukrainian grain. Erdogan recalled Ankara's role in brokering this deal at the onset of the conflict.

Discussions: "hard, sincere, and productive"

Zelensky recounted his dialogue with Erdogan similarly— "hard, sincere, and productive." The Ukrainian President mentioned that Russia would not be invited to the initial peace summit on the war in Ukraine, slated to occur in Switzerland.

Zelensky mentioned the possibility of a Russian representative joining a future round of peace talks, contingent on a "roadmap" established by Ukraine and its allies.

Before he met with Erdogan, Zelensky expressed gratitude towards Turkey for its support of Ukraine. He remarked, "Our countries, the entire region, and global food security depend on the unimpeded security of navigation in the Black Sea. This can be achieved through our cooperation."

The Ukrainian leader also voiced hope for Turkey's assistance in securing the release of Ukrainian citizens, including Crimean Tatars, detained by Russia.
According to the AFP agency, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is planning a visit to Turkey, though no specific date has been disclosed.

Turkey's Significant Role

Since the Russian-Ukrainian conflict's outset, Ankara has strived to maintain favorable relations with Moscow and Kyiv. Erdogan frequently casts himself as a mediator in the dispute. Nonetheless, Turkey's close ties with Russia have complicated its relationship with the West, which accuses it of enabling Russia to bypass sanctions.

The French agency AFP notes Turkey's strategic Black Sea position and control over the Bosphorus Strait, linking the Black Sea with the Sea of Marmara. These geographical advantages allow Ankara to assume a crucial political and economic stance in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.
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