NewsErdogan condemns: "Israel is a terrorist state"

Erdogan condemns: "Israel is a terrorist state"

Erdogan condemns: "Israel is a terrorist state"
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4:18 PM EST, November 15, 2023

"I will state it unequivocally and categorically: Israel is a terrorist state," declared Recep Erdogan. In his address, the President of Turkey aimed his comments at Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Turkish President took a stand on the Middle Eastern conflict on Wednesday. He appealed to the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu.

"Your downfall is imminent, irrespective of whether you possess nuclear weapons," he proclaimed. The AKP parliament members present in the hall responded with applause. "You threaten nuclear involvement, but it doesn't matter, your reign is ending," stated Erdogan.

He evaluated that "if Israel maintains its atrocities in the Gaza Strip, it will be universally recognized as a terrorist state."

Erdogan Takes a Stand: "Turkey will Take Action"

"Israel has adopted a strategy aimed at annihilating cities and their inhabitants. We are convinced that Hamas is comprised of resistance fighters determined to protect their homeland, regardless of the potential harm this may inflict on others," Erdogan said.

He stressed that "Turkey will take measures to bring those accountable for the relentless slaughter of Gaza's residents to the international court."

Earlier, Erdogan escalated his rhetoric after initial overtures to mediate between Israel and Hamas, stating he would no longer participate in dialogue with the Israeli Prime Minister in the future.

In his prior addresses on the Gaza conflict, the Turkish leader held the West responsible for instigating a disaster in this Palestinian semi-enclave. He labeled Israel as an invading force on Palestinian land while depicting Hamas as an assembly of "freedom fighters".

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