LifestyleEradicate prevailing moss invasion with this simple gardening trick

Eradicate prevailing moss invasion with this simple gardening trick

The moss spreading on the lawn is a real nightmare for gardeners.
The moss spreading on the lawn is a real nightmare for gardeners.
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3:52 PM EST, January 11, 2024

Moss thrives on compacted, moist, and acidic soil. Lacking roots, moss clings to the ground using rhizoids, allowing it to survive even in the most challenging conditions. To rid your garden of it, among other things, you need to ensure the soil has the correct acidity level. A simple and tested method can achieve this.

how to eradicate moss from your garden

Limiting your lawn is the key to maintaining a lawn free of moss and weeds. This is a relatively easy and affordable way to change your soil's reaction from acidic to alkaline. Such conditions are toxic for moss. The treatment should be performed at the optimal time, namely, fall and winter. Liming shouldn't be done too frequently; ideally, you should leave a gap of three years between each treatment.

Before liming, it's beneficial to test the soil's pH level. If it has dropped below 5.5 points, the treatment is highly recommended. How do you conduct lawn liming? Simply scatter lime fertilizers on it, which the soil can easily absorb. Following fertilization, lightly rake your lawn and give it time to show results. It's advisable to lime your lawn before the initial mowing.

DIY remedies for combating moss

An effective means of removing moss from your lawn involves water and vinegar. Numerous gardeners vouch for this method being safe and environmentally friendly. Just spray your lawn with this prepared mixture. The combination of vinegar and water will inhibit moss growth.

Such homemade remedies for combating moss do have their disadvantages. Typically, they offer a temporary solution and do not prevent the emergence of weeds in other parts of the garden. However, they prove effective over a small area.

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