LifestyleEntomologist shares foolproof tips on TikTok to detect bedbugs in your hotel room

Entomologist shares foolproof tips on TikTok to detect bedbugs in your hotel room

How to check if there are bed bugs in a hotel room?
How to check if there are bed bugs in a hotel room?
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4:44 PM EST, February 11, 2024

Bedbugs are among the most detested pests, not only for their bites but also for their rapid proliferation from place to place. This makes them difficult to control. Consequently, it's beneficial to know ways to shield ourselves from their bites. Dr. Cassie Krejci, an entomologist with comprehensive knowledge of insects and their environmental interactions, shared these techniques in a brief video on TikTok.

How can you evade bedbug bites?

The expert, who uses the handle "Cassie The Bug Doc" on social media, highlighted one of the key precautions - position your suitcases on the wooden, tile, or another hard surface, not on a carpet.

"This hotel room doesn't have any carpet. But if it did, place your luggage on the wooden floor or tiles to avoid picking up bedbugs before inspecting the room," she stated in her TikTok video.

Dr. Krejci also advised placing luggage on elevated furniture, such as chairs, to ensure that bedbugs can't gain access to them.

Places you need to inspect meticulously

According to Dr. Krejci, the most crucial area to scrutinize in a hotel room is the bed. She recommends not just removing the pillowcases immediately but also checking them for any brown spots.

"We refer to brown spots as fecal spots. After feeding on blood, bedbugs undergo digestion and excrete brown fecal spots that resemble dried blood," she pointed out.

"If you don't find any brown spots, everything should be fine," she added.

She further suggested inspecting the storage space under the bed and chair cushions.

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