TechEnsure your privacy: How to spot hidden cameras in vacation rentals

Ensure your privacy: How to spot hidden cameras in vacation rentals

How to find a hidden camera in a room?
How to find a hidden camera in a room?
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6:58 AM EDT, June 3, 2024

Ahead of us is the vacation season. Many of us will travel to various destinations and stay in hotels, rented rooms, apartments, or houses. Upon arrival, it's worth checking if the owner has placed a camera anywhere. Although such practices are not particularly popular, they still happen.

Vacations are associated with relaxation and a break from work and the hardships of daily life. Most of us set aside problems during a vacation and try not to think about them at all. In such moments, we also tend to forget basic safety principles, including checking if the owner has placed a camera in the room, house, or apartment we've rented. None of us would want to be recorded without knowing about it, especially since you never know how the acquired video materials will be used.

how to detect hidden cameras in hotels?

How can you detect hidden cameras in hotels, rooms, and other properties rented for vacations? Upon arriving at your selected location, you should thoroughly inspect it and check if you notice hidden cameras, for example, in motion sensors. Such devices are readily available, and their price is around 80 US dollars, so a cautious or curious owner might invest in them. Motion sensors with built-in cameras are usually mounted on walls.

If you notice any doubts about the purpose of a device, you can use the image search option. It is a simple and easy way to resolve your doubts quickly. Just take a picture of the object in question, go to the Google search page, click "Images," and then click the camera icon. You can find it on the right side of the search bar. There will be two options— "paste image URL" or "upload an image." Choose the latter and upload the selected photo from your smartphone or computer.

It is worth remembering, however, that small-sized cameras can be hidden virtually anywhere. Where should you look for them? Earlier this year, we described various possibilities. The Sekurak service noticed an interesting video on TikTok created by a hacker. The video can be watched below:

The material suggests that cameras can be hidden, for example, in a clock set near the bed, an electrical outlet located opposite, or a smoke detector. Recording devices can be identified easily; all you need is a flashlight, even the one on your smartphone. An illuminated lens will give away its presence with a bluish reflection.

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