Tips&TricksEnsure hot and crispy fries at McDonald's with this simple request, say employees

Ensure hot and crispy fries at McDonald's with this simple request, say employees

How to get warm fries at McDonald's?
How to get warm fries at McDonald's?
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4:57 AM EST, February 3, 2024

Although dining at a fast food restaurant isn't healthy, an infrequent visit isn't harmful. When we opt for a burger joint, we expect the food to be delicious and warm. While the burgers rarely fail us, the fries can sometimes fall short. Employees often fry more than necessary to meet demand, and after a while these potatoes become cold and rubbery. However, there's a proven trick that encourages the staff to fry a fresh batch. Intrigued?

These few words will guarantee you fresh fries

Nothing is worse than being disappointed at a restaurant. Most often, we arrive famished, eagerly awaiting a scrumptious meal. Yet, if we are served a plate of cold fries, our excitement immediately dissipates. While most people will reluctantly eat them, it's difficult to derive any gastronomic pleasure from these. To avoid this unfortunate situation, give this handy tip a try. A little trick advised by McDonald's employees themselves will assure that your fries are consistently warm and crispy.

Sometimes, a casual "please" isn't sufficient. Thus, using a smart tactic can effectively lead to the preparation of fresh fries. When placing an order, specify that you want your fries unsalted. Employees usually salt the potatoes right after they come out of the fryer, making it impossible to serve you a batch that's already prepared and has cooled. The employee in charge will then have to fry a fresh batch, providing you with hot fries. Most fast food restaurants have salt available on the tables, so if you prefer, you can add it yourself.

Numerous fast food employees have verified this online. Regularly, patrons request unsalted fries, causing the kitchen staff to prepare extra. This can sometimes annoy the employees, since most customers would have been pleased with the freshly fried and salted potatoes. However, if the customer prefers unsalted fries, they must be prepared separately. Some patrons have been ordering unsalted fries for quite some time - not due to the temperature, but because of the excessive amount of salt. Remember this handy tip for your future visits!

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