TechEnhanced 2S22 Bohdan: Ukraine's self-propelled howitzer gets a combat upgrade

Enhanced 2S22 Bohdan: Ukraine's self-propelled howitzer gets a combat upgrade

2S22 Bohdana in Ukraine
2S22 Bohdana in Ukraine
Images source: © 1. Special Purpose Brigade

1:04 PM EST, November 30, 2023

The 2S22 Bohdan, a self-propelled howitzer developed and consistently improved by Ukrainians, has been deployed in battle against the Russians. What does the new version entail?

The artillerymen from the 1st Special Purpose Brigade first utilized the latest version of the 2S22 Bohdan on the front lines, and later shared photos of it on social media. An intriguing detail here is the newly installed "superstructure", an additional component that significantly amplifies this weapon's effectiveness.

New version of 2S22 Bohdan on the front line

According to interviews with crew members of the 2S22 Bohdan, the most challenging task is manual ammunition loading. The newest version of this howitzer includes a unique mechanism that relieves the crew of this duty. This feature enhances not only the ease of use but also remarkably increases the combat capacities of the 2S22 Bohdan, raising the rate of fire to six rounds per minute.

A Ukrainian soldier known by the call sign "Papa" explains, "without an automated delivery mechanism, the rate of fire is halved. With this mechanism, we could potentially discharge six rounds per minute, compared to our current manual efforts, which amount to about three rounds in the same duration."

The Ukrainian media disclosed that the ammunition supply mechanism has undergone testing in recent months. While it was part of the original design document, its implementation was temporarily set aside due to the urgency of wartime development.

The debut of 2S22 Bohdan came in 2018 as part of an experiment. Its significant role in the operation to liberate Snake Island brought it considerable media attention. The prototype displayed impressive performance in combat, leading to a decision to pursue mass production, regularly implementing corrections and improvements.

However, several aspects regarding combat capabilities remain the same. The 2S22 Bohdan utilizes NATO-standard ammunition of 155mm caliber. Capable of striking targets at a distance of about 31 miles, this Ukrainian howitzer originally employed a 6x6 propulsion system. Over time, the Ukrainians have since begun using the chassis of the Czech truck Tatra T815 with an 8x8 propulsion system.

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