TechEnhance your ride. Top must-have accessories for every driver

Enhance your ride. Top must-have accessories for every driver

Enhance your ride. Top must-have accessories for every driver
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9:06 AM EDT, April 12, 2024

Even though cars are becoming increasingly comfortable and equipped with numerous amenities, many drivers still find additional accessories indispensable for organizing space or enhancing travel comfort. Below are some examples of useful car accessories.
Phone Holder

In today's world, it's difficult to imagine driving without a phone within reach. The Qifutan phone holder is a versatile accessory that can be mounted on the windshield, dashboard, or air vent. Its adjustable arm allows for setting the smartphone at any desired angle, making navigation or hands-free calls convenient.

Qifutan phone holder
Qifutan phone holder© Amazon

Glasses Holder

Drivers must wear sunglasses to combat glare on sunny days. However, many cars lack a designated compartment for sunglasses. The Yuoyar sunglasses holder solves this problem by attaching to the sun visor, providing an easily accessible and secure spot for your glasses.

Yuoyar glasses holder
Yuoyar glasses holder© Amazon

Protective Case for Keys

As keyless car technology becomes more prevalent, the convenience of not needing a physical key comes with the increased risk of theft. The Lanpard key case offers a simple solution by blocking signals thieves might use to access and steal a car, ensuring your keys are safely stored.

Lanpard key case
Lanpard key case© Amazon

Car Trash Can

The Accmor car trash can is a compact solution for tidying your interior. It's small size and handy handle allow for placement in the car's centre console or side pockets, ensuring that trash is properly managed during travel.

Accmor car trash can
Accmor car trash can© Amazon

Elegant Car Fragrance

While there are countless car fragrance options, the Drift car fragrance stands out with its unique composition. Made of wood and infused with natural essential oils, its elegant design seamlessly fits into any car interior, providing a pleasant aroma.
Drift car fragrance
Drift car fragrance© Amazon

Shopping Hooks

Though simple, car hooks are incredibly practical for preventing shopping bags from tipping over in the trunk or on the rear seats. The Amooca hooks easily attach to a car's headrest, ensuring your groceries and other items remain upright and secure while driving.

Amooca shopping hooks
Amooca shopping hooks© Licensor

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