LifestyleEnhance your orchid bloom. Remove this from the pot

Enhance your orchid bloom. Remove this from the pot

How to take care of an orchid before winter?
How to take care of an orchid before winter?
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8:24 PM EST, November 19, 2023

As an orchid owner, you should be aware that orchid care changes significantly during winter. Orchids require an altered approach to care, and the removal of a specific component from their containers will enhance their health.

Orchids are some of the most popular potted plants, adorning homes, and apartments all over the place. Despite their popularity, they can be quite challenging to take care of. If mishandled, these lovely plants may begin to shed flowers and yellow leaves a few days after purchase. This process accelerates during autumn and winter, when the plants' care needs alter, involving the removal of a certain component from their pots.

Winter care for orchids

Most orchid owners prioritize issues such as regular watering and ensuring the plants receive the right amount of sunlight. While both are crucial, another important aspect requires attention during the autumn-winter period.

Autumn is a transitionary period for orchids, requiring careful preparation for winter. During this time, the plants enter a dormant state that necessitates the removal of all nutrients from their pots. Additionally, it is advisable to refrain from using fertilizers, even homemade ones, as they may cause harm.

What not to do with orchids

What else should we remember during autumn and winter to ensure your orchids survive the season? If you are keeping your plants on the windowsill, it's important to move them to a cooler spot in your home or apartment when the radiator heat begins. If this is not done, the orchids may overheat, leading to drying out and flower shedding. Failure to do this could result in unsalvageable plants and a forced farewell following such a "sauna" experience.

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