SportsEngland team's airport mishap resolved ahead of Euro 2024

England team's airport mishap resolved ahead of Euro 2024

the England team disembarking from the plane
the England team disembarking from the plane
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1:44 PM EDT, June 11, 2024

On Monday, June 10, the England national team flew to Germany. However, before this happened, the airport staff did not perform their duties well. While loading the luggage onto the plane, some pieces were damaged, and the clothes inside were scattered on the runway.

The European Championship in Germany is fast approaching. Some teams have already checked in, while others, such as the White Reds, will do so on Tuesday. The England team did this on Monday, June 10.

However, there were problems. The players and coaching staff had already boarded the plane and were preparing to take off. But they might have been in for a shock when they looked out the window. They saw their clothes scattered on the tarmac at Birmingham Airport.

This was the result of negligence by the airport staff. According to "The Sun" portal, the staff quickly began collecting the clothes and packing them into bags. After a short while, the scattered shirts and hoodies were collected and loaded into the baggage compartment.

Once the situation was under control, the plane safely took off. The England national team arrived in the afternoon. At Erfurt Airport, the team was greeted by a crowd of fans. After landing, the team headed to a five-star hotel, where the players and coaching staff would stay.

Remember that the English team is in Group C. Their opponents will be the Slovenians, Danes, and Serbians. The first opponent of the "Sons of Albion" will be the last mentioned. This match is scheduled for Sunday, June 16, at 3:00 PM ET.

Interestingly, the English team has ambitious goals. Coach Gareth Southgate revealed that if his team does not win the tournament, his tenure as coach will end (more on this topic can be read HERE).

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