LifestyleEnergy drinks and heart health: what you need to know

Energy drinks and heart health: what you need to know

Beverages that are harmful to the heart
Beverages that are harmful to the heart
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3:12 PM EST, November 30, 2023

Sweet fizzy drinks, fruit juices, energy drinks, and alcohol significantly increase the risk of heart diseases and even heart attacks. Which drinks should you avoid for the sake of your heart's health and which ones are safe?

A doctor sounds the alarm! Contrary to popular belief, it's not only coffee that can affect your heart negatively. Dr. Deborah Lee from Dr. Fox's Online Pharmacy says that several other, often overlooked, drinks could have serious consequences on heart health. Learn about these hazardous drinks and consider whether you might be consuming them too often.

The Impact of Sugary Drinks on Heart Health

Most people know that excessive sugar is detrimental to health, but did you know that sugar-sweetened drinks can increase the risk of stroke by 13 percent and heart attack by as much as 22 percent? Dr. Lee advises against soda drinks, sweetened orangeades, fruit beverages, and alcohol. It might be time to assess if your drinking habits are jeopardizing your heart health.

Sweet fizzy drinks or energy drinks contain a massive amount of sugar. For example, a single bottle of cola has about 100 g of sugar, equivalent to 50 teaspoons.

Similar to fizzy drinks, fruit juices also carry a lot of sugar, contributing to heart disease development. For instance, a glass of orange juice has around 25 g of sugar, equal to five teaspoons.

Energy Drinks: A Lesser-Known Danger

We often don't associate energy drinks with heart health, but did you know that their ingredients haven't been fully researched yet? Caffeine, taurine, sugar, ginseng, and vitamin B are just a few of the components whose effects on the heart are still uncertain. The tragic case of Michael Clarke, who passed away after daily energy drink consumption, should prompt us to consider the risks that these popular beverages might bring.

The Role of Alcohol in Heart Health

While consuming alcohol in moderation may be considered beneficial for health, overdoing it can pose a threat to the heart. Dr. Lee cautions that just 10 g of ethanol daily can lead to severe liver and heart problems. To protect our hearts from harmful strain, it's important to avoid excessive alcohol consumption.

Heart-Healthy Drink Choices

Wondering what you should drink to support your heart's health? The answer is straightforward: water. Water is a vital beverage that should be a part of our daily intake. But are there other tasty options? Tomato juice, rich in lycopene (an antioxidant that delays the aging process), is a good pick. Sugar-free coffee, tea, and herbal infusions from hawthorn can also aid in maintaining a healthy heart.

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