TechEnd Dishwasher Woes: Simple Hack to Dry Dishes Perfectly

End Dishwasher Woes: Simple Hack to Dry Dishes Perfectly

Additional wheels in the dishwasher.
Additional wheels in the dishwasher.
Images source: © Gadż | Norbert Garbarek
4:12 PM EDT, April 26, 2024

Are your dishes still wet after you take them out of the dishwasher? If you're experiencing this frustration, we have great news. A simple technique effectively resolves this issue in most dishwasher models.

Dealing with water on glasses, plates, or other items freshly out of the dishwasher can be irksome for many reasons. Initially, removing dishes from the top often results in inadvertently soaking those below with water drips. Consequently, instead of the dishwasher saving you time, you deduce additional moments to manually drying your dishes. Furthermore, extracting wet dishes can also lead to water splashes on your clothing, as well as on kitchen cabinets or floors. Although it’s clean water, it nonetheless necessitates wiping up. Hence, using the dishwasher might paradoxically increase your household chores. One could start by emptying the dishwasher's lower sections to mitigate this. Yet, there’s an even more effective strategy available.

Simple solution for wet dishes from the dishwasher

Water remaining on dishes post-wash can be easily fixed. This solution is feasible for nearly every dishwasher model. How does it function? Initially, verify if your dishwasher comes with extra wheels on the sides of the upper rack. These wheels are usually noticeable as they aren’t attached to any guiding mechanism.

After confirming the presence of these adjustable wheels, ensure the dishwasher is emptied. Then, extend the upper rack completely and gently lift its front part upwards to disengage the front wheel. Proceed by pulling the rack further until the back wheel meets the end of its rail—then lift to release it.

Once the initial two wheels are freed from the guide, push the upper rack back in place. Now, reposition the upper wheels, identified earlier, onto the guide. Secure that the rack is well-placed and stable by sliding it in different directions to test its steadiness. If executed properly, your dishes should no longer remain wet after a cycle in the dishwasher.

Additional wheels in the dishwasher that will prevent water from settling on the dishes.
Additional wheels in the dishwasher that will prevent water from settling on the dishes.© Gadż | Norbert Garbarek
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