LifestyleEncounter at a date: woman shocked by man's blunt remarks

Encounter at a date: woman shocked by man's blunt remarks

The man did not want to pay for the food in the restaurant.
The man did not want to pay for the food in the restaurant.
Images source: © Instagram | @winta_zesu

1:02 PM EDT, October 28, 2023

Winta Zesu had a date scheduled at an Italian restaurant, but tension ensued when her date clearly communicated that he didn't intend to foot her bill. The explanation he provided was remarkably unvarnished.

Winta Zesu often posts videos recounting her unfruitful dating experiences. One of her episodes incited a social media debate about who should bear the expense on dates. She was taken aback when her date refused to pay, particularly due to his harsh phrasing.

He Refused to Foot Her Bill

During the date, her companion pointed out that she was finishing her meal too quickly.

"Could you slow down a bit? Why are you rushing through your meal? The food isn't going anywhere," he mentioned.

Winta retorted that she planned to leave as soon as she was done eating and requested him to pass her the salad bowl.

Suddenly, he suggested that she "slide her credit card under the table" for him to make the payment. He emphasized that this was vital considering his standing at the restaurant, yet he resisted paying the bill himself. His explanation was blunt to say the least.

However, this was improbable as Winta hadn't brought her card. This incident touched off a heated online dispute about who should pay the bill first on dates.

Who Should Foot the Bill?

The topic of who should pay on a date has been laboriously discussed in society over the years. Who should be the one to pick up the tab at a restaurant or cafe? Should it always fall to the man, or is this an antiquated notion? Opinions are varied, as is evident from the lively exchange in the video's comments section.

"If a man spoke to me in that manner, I'd leave and stick him with the bill," one woman asserted.

"I also would never bring my card. If a man is unwilling to pay, he shouldn't organize a date at a restaurant," another said.

Nevertheless, some defended the man's stance, emphasizing that women shouldn't presume he should always bear the cost of the date.

"Many women go on dates purely for the free meal," one commenter pointed out.

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