EntertainmentEmma Stone's "The Curse" leads SkyShowtime's rich February line-up, debuting love stories and drama

Emma Stone's "The Curse" leads SkyShowtime's rich February line-up, debuting love stories and drama

Emma Stone and Nathan Fielder are the characters in the peculiar comedy series "The Curse".
Emma Stone and Nathan Fielder are the characters in the peculiar comedy series "The Curse".
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4:36 PM EST, January 9, 2024

At present, the first five episodes of the series crafted by Nathan Fielder and the Zellner brothers, David & Nathan, are accessible on the platform. "The Curse" presents the story of newlyweds Whitney and Asher Siegel. They aim to persuade the residents of Española, New Mexico to adopt their lifestyle and vision of eco-friendly construction through a "house renovation" type program. Their plans get disrupted by Dougie, an eccentric TV producer who exploits their story for a captivating reality show. As the couple starts making questionable ethical decisions, their relationship begins to feel the pressure.

The show has been declared one of the most bizarre series of the year, and it's expected to return in mid-February with a continuation in the form of another five episodes. However, this isn't the only intriguing offering SkyShowtime has prepared for this month.

New arrivals on SkyShowtime

The upcoming month heralds the debut of a six-part series, "The Lovers", which narrates the love story of two completely mismatched individuals. Janet (Roisin Gallagher) is a crass and humorously witty supermarket worker in Belfast, projecting an air of indifference even towards her own life.

Seamus (Johnny Flynn), a cultured political journalist, lives in London, seemingly leading a perfect life with his celebrity girlfriend. So, when Seamus accidentally crashes into Janet's world - literally stumbling over the fence into her garden, naturally sparking an altercation. Quirkily enough, they find themselves drawn to each other, leading to an unexpected love story.

The first two episodes of "The Lovers" will be available on Friday, February 9, with subsequent episodes added weekly.

Also among the new additions is the series "The Woman in the Wall", an exploration of one of Irish history's most appalling scandals involving brutal asylums run by the Magdalene Sisters. Lorna Brady (Ruth Wilson) features as a woman from the fictional town of Kilkinure who wakes up one morning to discover a body in her house. After enduring extreme sleepwalking episodes since her tenure at the Kilkinure convent, she is shaken and desperately seeks to solve the question: who is the dead woman, and did she play a role in the woman's death?

The Lovers Official Trailer ft. Roisin Gallagher | Premieres December 7 | AMC+

The first two episodes of "The Woman in the Wall" will be available from Monday, February 19, with new ones following weekly.

SkyShowtime subscribers will also get the chance to be acquainted with the prequel to the popular duology about a fluffy teddy bear who comes to life as a result of a child's wish. "Ted" offers side-splitting humor as it tracks the exploits of teenager John Bennett and his best buddy, a sarcastic-talking bear bearing the titular name.

The Woman in the Wall Official Trailer | SHOWTIME

The setting is the 1990s, post the mascot's glory days. Now, he is forced to attend high school with John, undergoing the ups and downs typical of teenage life amidst a fog of smoke.

The first three episodes of "Ted" will be accessible on Thursday, February 22, with additionals to follow weekly.

After taking a break of nearly two years, the second season of "HALO" is set to return. The production, set in the same universe as the first Xbox game of the same name released in 2001, paints a stunning picture of human conflict and looming alien threat - the Covenant. It offers engrossing narratives of heroes, action, adventure, and a grand depiction of the 26th-century future.

TED Series Trailer (2024)

The first two episodes of "HALO" Season 2 will be accessible from Friday, February 9, with new ones added weekly.

Alongside the series mentioned above, their lineup will also feature new movies. Thanks to SkyShowtime, those who missed out on theatre screenings can catch up on "Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One" by Christopher McQuarrie from February 9. This film has enjoyed considerable success at the box office during the previous summer. Sharing the virtual shelf will be Jeff Rowe's animated film from last year, "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Chaos".

Halo The Series | Season 2 First Look Trailer | Paramount+

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