LifestyleEmily Ratajkowski swaps sexy image for 'normcore' trend: A shift in fashion or maternal comfort?

Emily Ratajkowski swaps sexy image for 'normcore' trend: A shift in fashion or maternal comfort?

Pete Davidson wanted to look incognito.
Pete Davidson wanted to look incognito.
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11:54 AM EST, February 7, 2024, updated: 4:02 AM EST, March 7, 2024

Has the "normcore" trend taken over Emily Ratajkowski's wardrobe? Or has being a mother altered her daily comfort perspectives? These seem to have become a priority in recent months. Everybody enjoys blending into the crowd occasionally, and it seems that Emily Ratajkowski has embraced this recently. Seen walking with her eyes on the ground, she looked like a laid-back New Yorker uninterested in fashion.

Supermodel adopts an "incognito" style

We're used to seeing Emily Ratajkowski in striking, feminine, and dramatic outfits. So when she was spotted on the street in clothes reminiscent of the normcore style, she was unrecognizable.

Celebrities embracing the normcore style

Since the inception of the "unfashionable" trend, individuals who maintain distance from the fashion industry are viewed as trendsetters. Sweatshirts, worn-in T-shirts, baseball caps, worn sneakers, and relaxed jackets in neutral colors have captured worldwide attention for their unassuming nature, freedom, and apathy. Since they didn't want to enter the fashion world while feeling comfortable in the "anti-trends", fashion came to them.

Is Ratajkowski shedding her old image?

Emily Ratajkowski was seen on the street in a leather jacket that she appears to have become attached to recently. She swapped her heels for comfy, classic sneakers and a short skirt for loose, sand-colored pants. The relaxed design that hangs low on the hips is a unisex design.

Fashion blurs the line between women's and men's wardrobes. As a result, it maximizes the scope for creativity and ensures a room for displaying one's uniqueness.

A result of this is the eclecticism trend - which combines different fashion trends. It also allows for inspiration to be sought in areas previously considered off-limits, a distinctive feature of 21st-century fashion.

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