LifestyleEmily Ratajkowski embraces history in her go-to brown leather jacket

Emily Ratajkowski embraces history in her go‑to brown leather jacket

Emily Ratajkowski in one jacket and three different styles.
Emily Ratajkowski in one jacket and three different styles.
Images source: © Getty Images | TheStewartOfNY

11:33 AM EST, January 31, 2024, updated: 4:35 AM EST, March 7, 2024

The paparazzi often capture Emily Ratajkowski donning her favorite brown leather jacket. Far from being tired of her attire after a single use, Emily highly appreciates items with history, often sourced from vintage boutiques, boasting an aged charm. These clothes passed down over time, carry their unique stories, adding extra value to the overall outfit.

Sexy dresses take a temporary backseat

Increasingly, Emily Ratajkowski is trading her customary sexy dresses for a combination of baggy pants, sneakers, and casual jackets reminiscent of 80s and 90s trends. As a new mom, comfort has become a priority. However, this does not mean she compromises on style.

Aptly juxtaposing casual with unique, the star maintains her signature eclectic look. Her brown leather jacket, in particular, stands out as a distinctive element of her original aesthetic.

Emily Ratajkowski often pairs her leather jacket with unisex-style trousers. A khaki model with visible seams can find a place in both a woman's and a man's wardrobe, suitable for contemporary street style as well as a vintage jazz club vibe from the 70s. To complete the layered look, she opts for a short crop top, gold chains, and another jacket peeking out from under the top layer.

Leather jacket and XL-sized pants

On her outing with her son, Emily Ratajkowski did not miss her brown leather jacket. She paired this evergreen, versatile garment with wide-legged, sporty pants that ideally align with current trends.

Emily Ratajkowski's total leather look

Just as denim pairs well with denim, leather, too, works exceptionally well in matching leather company. While one school of thought favours monochromatic ensembles, others suggest a mix-and-match approach. Emily Ratajkowski seems to belong to the latter group, often styling her brown jacket with black leather pants.

Emily Ratajkowski in brown leather
Emily Ratajkowski in brown leather© Getty Images | 2023 Gotham
Emily Ratajkowski in leather and wide pants
Emily Ratajkowski in leather and wide pants© Getty Images | 2023 Gotham
Emily Ratajkowski in a total leather look.
Emily Ratajkowski in a total leather look.© Getty Images | 2023 MEGA
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