NewsEmergency in Khabarovsk: High Radiation Levels Prompt Swift Action

Emergency in Khabarovsk: High Radiation Levels Prompt Swift Action

Illustrative photo
Illustrative photo
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9:37 AM EDT, April 5, 2024

In the Russian Far East, specifically in a part of Khabarovsk, an emergency state was declared on Friday due to the detection of unusually high radiation levels – as reported by Radio Liberty, citing the local administration. The situation has since been clarified.

Suspicions of strong radiation emerged in the industrial district of Khabarovsk. This area, which notably includes a scrapyard, prompted city authorities to declare a state of emergency and significantly reduce traffic in the vicinity.

"The State Special Enterprise Radon is currently undertaking efforts to identify the radiation source, alongside its removal, transportation, and disposal," the Khabarovsk city authorities stated. TASS, a state agency, assured that the affected zone lies approximately 1.6 miles from the nearest residential area.

The source has been identified

Later, TASS reported that specialists had pinpointed the radiation source and proceeded with its disposal. Furthermore, control measurements in the district are scheduled to continue over the next two days.

"According to the reports, there have been no casualties or anyone affected by radiation exposure. The public's health remains uncompromised," the services confirmed, as quoted by the Kremlin’s news agency.
Source: TASS/Radio Liberty
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