LifestyleEmbracing simplicity: Top manicure trends for the minimalist lifestyle

Embracing simplicity: Top manicure trends for the minimalist lifestyle

What nails for minimalists?
What nails for minimalists?
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We can firmly state that minimalism is a lifestyle. It is evident in your choice of interior design, personal style, and even manicure preferences. Simplicity is the heart of it.

Having said that, let's delve into specifics. Which nails would a minimalist prefer? Those featuring basic colors and possibly delicate classic patterns.

Pure Minimalism

An incredibly popular choice is, of course, a manicure done in a color close to the natural shade of your nail plate. Stylists often build their designs on hues like pinks and beiges, inconspicuous yet visually attractive on any hand, complementing any outfit.

Minimalists also favor the classic French manicure. This style, once seen as somewhat ostentatious, now boasts a widespread popularity. It's undeniable that a pink base paired with white tips appears exceptionally tidy.

An intriguing alternative to the classic French is a reversed French manicure, employing the same shades but with white lines painted near the nail base by the cuticles.

Minimalists also find the ombre style appealing. This involves one color fluidly transitioning into another, usually a subtle rose merging with milky white. This type of manicure works best on almond-shaped nails, although those with square nails are not left out.

For minimalists who like to add a touch of glamour, a brilliant option is nails painted in a natural color adorned with tiny, shimmering crystals. Simply apply one to each nail for a 'wow' effect.

Colors Preferred by Minimalists

Dots at the nail base, a major trend a few seasons ago, continue to captivate minimalists. These dots can be paired with any color on a pink base, such as bottle green.

As for colors, it should be noted that minimalists generally lean towards basic shades, from beige and light coffee to darker tones like chocolate and black. They aren't averse to white or olive-green either.

Classy women with a somewhat edgy "femme fatale" style frequently opt for deep reds. These have long been associated with sophistication and power. They're attention-grabbing but still maintain an air of subtlety.

Patterns Minimalists Adore

Gold and silver patterns have lately taken the manicure world by storm. We're not referring to glittery nail polishes, but rather dense ones with a metallic sheen. Subtle lines and dots work wonders.

The so-called bow stacking trend is also gaining traction. This trend started with bow ties donned regularly in the hair during the holiday season and has now transitioned to bows painted on nails. Every nail or just one? It's your call.

During the winter season, the starry manicure continues to be incredibly popular. Thin, star-patterned designs look subtle, intriguing, and magical. Any astrology aficionados out there?

Who says minimalists can't embrace a little sparkle? Instead of chunky glitter, consider a nail polish with microscopic particles that subtly shimmer in all the colors of the rainbow when hit by light.

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