LifestyleEmbrace your femininity this spring: Unveiling the most delicate, sensual, and comfy lingerie trends

Embrace your femininity this spring: Unveiling the most delicate, sensual, and comfy lingerie trends

Embrace your femininity this spring: Unveiling the most delicate, sensual, and comfy lingerie trends
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4:23 AM EST, January 31, 2024, updated: 4:37 AM EST, March 7, 2024

As winter ends, not only do airy, vibrant clothes and lighter footwear return to favor, but also dainty lingerie. Embracing the feeling of weightlessness and spring-like freshness, we bid goodbye to dark, oppressive colors, stiff padding, and underwires. In exchange, we gravitate toward enthralling lace sets, skin-soft cotton, and practical sporty models. Lingerie is also taking center stage as a critical element in outfits. Trade a blouse for a corset or a tailored bodysuit, and you will attract attention. Here, we unveil the most intriguing cotton trends of the forthcoming season and advise how to wear them beautifully.

Pastel-colored romantic lace

Feminine, delicate, and subtle are all hallmarks of captivating lingerie, often reserved for special occasions, quite wrongly so. Pastel lace sets inspire you to bask daily in your femininity and self-love. It's also phenomenal mood booster; there's nothing like the boost in confidence that comes from knowing you're wearing such an exquisite set underneath your clothes. French women, being experts at this, invest a pretty penny in high-end lingerie boutiques.

This spring, romance is reinstantiated in the form of lace bras and panties in pastel hues. Roses, purples, sky-blue, ivory; these shades perfectly complement the spring wardrobe, while also adding a sensual touch. Too romantic? Opt for a design that merges lace with a distinctive pattern. This trend has variations aplenty, ensuring every romantic finds her perfect fit.

Choose comfort. Lingerie your body will appreciate

Cotton lingerie collections, athletic models, and bra tops have made a dynamic comeback on the runway. Comfort and self-care are the motivations behind these skin-friendly collections. Forget about straps chafing your skin, synthetic fabrics, and stiff cups. With spring's arrival, slip into soft, constructed panties, pull-on bras, and sets designed akin to workout underwear. The benefits? Besides a sleek, minimalist look and unequivocal comfort of movement, you'll provide your body the freedom to breathe and the gentle touch of such soft lingerie. Colors? Nude beiges, white, earth tones, powder pink. The more natural and subdued, the better.

Lingerie on display

Historically, classic high-waisted panties were considered an unattractive clothing item, meant to be concealed under a dress or high-waisted pants. Currently, though, such underwear is a hot trend for the coming spring! What's more, it aligns perfectly with the trend of showcasing your lingerie. How? Pair it with sheer dresses and skirts, or substitute pants for tights. This bold approach is worth considering while creating new spring outfits.

High-waisted panties featured on the runways are not the only lingerie item that designers have decided to spotlight this season. Bras, too, are confidently peeping out from under shirts and dresses this season, as are corsets worn beneath a blazer instead of a blouse. Observing these fashion trends, you might think lingerie is enthusiastically embracing the spring and wishes to be flaunted rather than tucked away under clothes. Let’s follow the example of models like Emili Sindlev, Mara Lafontan, and Kendall Jenner, and let your lingerie take the spotlight.

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