LifestyleEmbrace sustainable living: a simple guide to cultivating garlic at home

Embrace sustainable living: a simple guide to cultivating garlic at home

Garlic can be grown independently at home.
Garlic can be grown independently at home.
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11:34 AM EST, February 10, 2024

Garlic available in supermarkets often stems from imports, which can't match the taste and health benefits of locally sourced varieties. However, sourcing locally-farmed garlic during off-season can be challenging, thus home cultivation becomes a feasible alternative. Garlic is low-maintenance and beginner-friendly, promising a bountiful harvest with the right cultivation practices. Here, we share some tips on how to plant garlic.

Uncover an innovative method to grow garlic, recommended by seasoned gardeners

This uncomplicated, environmentally-friendly, and time-tested method facilitates the home-based cultivation of garlic. Everything you need includes some garlic, a jar, and water, and you're ready to get planting.

Beginning the garlic-growing journey, start with a few bulbs of locally farmed garlic, if possible. You will also need a jar for each bulb.

To begin, cut off about 0.2 inches from the top of each garlic bulb to expose the cloves. Submerse the bulb in a half-quart jar filled with water and set it aside. You'll see a stalk begin to grow from the top of the garlic and roots emerging from the bottom.

Upon noticing sprouting garlic, relocate the jar to a sunny windowsill. In time, the extensions of the roots can be observed. Once roots touch the bottom of the jar, it signals the time for transplantation. The sprouted garlic can be transplanted directly into garden soil or you can continue its growth at home.

If you choose to proceed at home, prepare a large pot, or alternatively, cut the bottom of at least a one-gallon capacity bottle. Line the pot or bottle base with soil. Gently dislodge the garlic from the jar, taking care to separate the cloves.

Trim each clove on the side to encourage quicker sprouting. Gently embed the cloves into the soil and lightly cover them. Water the soil using the water from the jar in which the garlic initially sprouted. Find a sunny location for the pot. Soon, watch as the garlic begins its vertical growth.

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