Tips&TricksEmbrace natural beauty in 2024: The year of healthier hair and minimalist makeup

Embrace natural beauty in 2024: The year of healthier hair and minimalist makeup

The trendiest hairstyles of 2024
The trendiest hairstyles of 2024
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8:12 PM EST, January 13, 2024

Gone are the days of harsh red and platinum blonde. Over the past few seasons, women have embraced their natural assets, emphasizing their inherent beauty. A case in point is the "clean makeup" look, which is about minimalism on the makeup front, leading to a healthier complexion. Hair styling is not far behind, with hairdressers increasingly advising on maintaining natural hair colors and predominantly focusing on hair nutrition. Equally important is a well-suited haircut, tuned to complement the contours of the face. But what hairstyle should you opt for?

Which hair colors will trend in 2024?

Even though the year has just begun, hairstylists are already forecasting the trending hairstyles. Dark, solid colors are being phased out as they tend to age the wearer. Additionally, many people are shifting away from chemically intense dyes, choosing instead toners that darken and cool the natural hair color. This alternative is less aggressive and allows hair to revert to its natural hue after a few washes.

So, does this spell the end of hair dye? Far from it. Root touch-ups and highlights remain in vogue, but the trend of coating hair in a uniform dye seems to fade. The use of highlights and streaks provides a thicker-looking hair texture, lightens the haircut's overall look, and increases the period between colorations compared to uniform dyeing.

The hottest hairstyles of 2024

Creating highlights or reflections can be achieved through various techniques, and your choice should reflect what you seek from your hairstyle. Interestingly, such styles look equally good on short and long hair. A recent crowd favorite is the "front blond" look, which uses two lighter streaks to frame the face. These streaks brighten the complexion and add subtle variety to a simple, subdued hairstyle.

Looking at the cuts, 2024 marks the return of the classic bob, albeit in a slightly revised form. Three cuts are set to be particularly in demand. The Minibob is a short hairstyle designed to elongate the face and accentuate its features, offering convenience without compromising femininity and allure. The Bubble bob is slightly longer, falling to shoulder length and featuring inward curls, lending an intriguing dome and bubble effect. Lastly, the box bob, a simple, shoulder-length cut bereft of shadows or adornments, is easy to style and suits every beauty type.

The most fashionable hairstyle of the season
The most fashionable hairstyle of the season© Freepik | ivanazhur
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