EntertainmentElon Musk's latest acquisition: An Air China Boeing causing stir among conspiracy theorists

Elon Musk's latest acquisition: An Air China Boeing causing stir among conspiracy theorists

Elon Musk bought a powerful airplane.
Elon Musk bought a powerful airplane.
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8:32 AM EST, February 6, 2024, updated: 4:10 AM EST, March 7, 2024

Elon Musk's investments always attract global attention. It's no surprise, as the billionaire is known for his surprising and contentious choices. This time, aviation geeks have focused on a Boeing 737-800, previously owned by Air China. The intrigue, however, isn't just about the aircraft itself but its color scheme has also piqued curiosity.

Could Elon Musk's gray-black airplane signify brewing trouble?

The colour scheme of Elon Musk's aeroplane has captivated conspiracy theorists. Its gray body, paired with a black stripe running down the windows, mirrors the aesthetic of the Janet fleet. This fleet is noted for its regular flights to the Nellis Air Force range in the southwestern region of Nevada. The chosen location isn't just random; it's rumored to be Earth's most securely guarded spot. It is the location of the American military's training grounds and the globally infamous Area 51.

Area 51 is the place where the American forces experiment with technological innovations. The precise function of this top-secret facility is still in question. Conspiracy theorists purport that the American government is concealing evidence of extraterrestrial life at this site. Adding to this speculation is the fact that it was only in 2013 that the government officially acknowledged the base's existence.

Why does Musk need such a large airplane?

The rationale behind the purchase remains a mystery. While it was a transport plane under Air China's ownership, many believe Musk intends to use the unit for delivering large-scale SpaceX merchandise. Some contrarily think Elon Musk bought the plane to shuttle SpaceX workers to venues where new technologies undergo testing. Yet another conjecture suggests that the aircraft itself will host trials of technology that could transform both military and civilian aviation. An indication in favor of this theory is the plane's paint job, which exudes an air of mystery and militarism.

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