NewsElon Musk takes the Stage in Rome: Calls for hope and freedom

Elon Musk takes the Stage in Rome: Calls for hope and freedom

Elon Musk in Italy. They welcomed him as a "rock star".
Elon Musk in Italy. They welcomed him as a "rock star".
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10:13 AM EST, December 17, 2023

Musk, holding his son, arrived at the political forum known as Atreju. Originally established in 1998, the forum was designed as a celebration for young politicians, with Meloni being one of its founding members.

Politicians from various factions are invited to the Atreju gatherings. Notably, this year, Elon Musk received an invitation.

Demonizing oil and gas

The South African businessman, gracing the stage with one of his 11 children, urged Italians to have more children and to uphold the freedom of beliefs.

The forum's name, 'Atreju', is derived from a character in the "Never-ending Story," a book by Michael Ende that was later adapted into a film in 1984. The creators of the forum explained that this character represents the ethos of the event, embodying a commitment to daily life in opposition to entities that seek to destroy the energy and ideals of youth.

Musk criticized environmental activists for spreading fear and "denying hope" in the face of the climate crisis, as well as "demonizing" oil and gas.

Other topics he touched on included opposition to illegal immigration, political correctness, censorship, and a bureaucratized Europe. His statements were met with applause from the audience.

To conclude, he shouted "Long live the people!"

Among the attendees at Atreju was UK Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak.

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