LifestyleEliminate bad kitchen sink odors with two affordable products

Eliminate bad kitchen sink odors with two affordable products

"Sink in the kitchen - Delicacies"
"Sink in the kitchen - Delicacies"
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12:41 PM EST, November 23, 2023

The kitchen often experiences a range of odors and not always pleasant ones. A common issue is the unpleasant smell that comes from the sink. There are many ways to address this problem, and one effective method is surprisingly affordable.

While specialized detergents might be your initial thought, consider trying a homemade solution. It's not only effective but also inexpensive, and it may provide surprisingly good results.

Try pouring a simple solution into the sink for a pleasant surprise

The unpleasant odor from the sink is typically due to a clogged drain where remnants of food and other debris accumulate. Such odors can discourage anyone from wanting to spend time in the kitchen. Luckily, there are natural methods to tackle this problem. One effective approach involves a simple combination of salt and lemon.

Preparing this solution is quite straightforward. Begin by squeezing the juice from the fruit. If you don't have a lemon at hand, you could also use an orange. Then add two tablespoons of table salt to the juice. Thoroughly mix all the ingredients to form a uniform solution. Once it's ready, pour some into the drain and use a sponge or cloth to distribute the remaining mixture over the sink's surface. Give it about fifteen minutes and then rinse the sink with water.

Salt and lemons - Delicacies
Salt and lemons - Delicacies© Licensor | stockfoodgmbh

Vinegar can come to your rescue

Remember, a gleaming sink is the showpiece of every kitchen. You can use daily kitchen products, such as vinegar, to achieve this. Its effectiveness stands out; combine it with water to create a cleaning solution for grimy surfaces. However, vinegar has a strong smell, so be sure to ventilate the kitchen afterward.

You can also achieve satisfactory results using baking soda and citric acid. Not only do they make the surface shine without any streaks, but they also neutralize unpleasant odors. Just sprinkle them on the sink, pour warm water over the mixture, and gently clean the surface with a kitchen sponge.

For removing stains, baking soda will also be useful - Pyszności
For removing stains, baking soda will also be useful - Pyszności© Canva | AnikaSalsera
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