TechElectrostatic stickers: The new game-changer for dashcam installation

Electrostatic stickers: The new game-changer for dashcam installation

Mounting the dashcam on the electrostatic sticker is a pleasant task.
Mounting the dashcam on the electrostatic sticker is a pleasant task.
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9:13 PM EDT, June 20, 2024

Finding a transparent sticker on the packaging of a new dashcam might make you wonder about its purpose. This small device, increasingly included by car camera manufacturers, serves a specific and important function.

This transparent "tape," known as an electrostatic sticker, is becoming more common in dashcam kits. Manufacturers aim to make the installation on the car windshield simpler and more user-friendly. But what exactly is the electrostatic sticker good for?

Solution from years ago wasn't the best

For many years, installing a dashcam or GPS navigation required using mounts with double-sided tape. A well-prepared surface ensured long-lasting adhesion, although continuous exposure to sunlight could affect its properties.

This method of installation had its drawbacks. The main issue arose when you had to remove the tape residues. It was cumbersome to remove them, and there was potential for scratching the windshield if sharp tools were used.

An improvement in installing car cameras, the electrostatic sticker

The solution was electrostatic stickers, which have gained popularity among car camera manufacturers. What lies beneath this "tape"?

This electrostatic sticker is an electrically charged polypropylene film that sticks to the windshield through electrostatics.

It does not require glue to adhere to the windshield—the tape itself will stick to the glass as long as the surface is properly degreased beforehand. Compared to traditional double-sided tapes, the electrostatic sticker leaves no residue after removal. It can be easily removed using a thin knife or string.

How to apply the electrostatic sticker? Dashcam on film

The process of applying the polypropylene film is quick and simple. Just clean the surface well before applying. It's best to wipe the windshield with alcohol to remove grease traces, and then remove the protective film from the sticker.

Sample electrostatic sticker.
Sample electrostatic sticker.©

Once you've done that, place the sticker onto the chosen spot on the windshield. Ensure it's a flat and smooth surface without obscuring black dots on the windshield. Then, simply peel off the second layer of the protective film and mount the camera holder onto the sticker.

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