NewsElectric Rickshaw Erupts in Flames Near Buckingham Palace, No Injuries

Electric Rickshaw Erupts in Flames Near Buckingham Palace, No Injuries

Incident in front of Buckingham Palace
Incident in front of Buckingham Palace
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3:01 AM EDT, March 31, 2024
Incident in front of Buckingham Palace: Tourist Rickshaw Catches Fire
On Saturday, an unexpected event unfolded in front of Buckingham Palace when an electric rickshaw, commonly used for tourist transportation, caught fire after exploding. The fire department was promptly on the scene to handle the situation.
The incident took place at approximately 7:40 AM Eastern Time (12:40 PM London Time, 1:40 PM Polish Time), capturing the attention of bystanders and quickly spreading on social media. Videos circulating online showcased the clouds of smoke billowing and the vehicle ablaze. Fortunately, the fire was swiftly extinguished, and traffic was temporarily halted to ensure the safety of nearby individuals.
The London Police have since released a statement regarding the incident, confirming that thankfully, there were no casualties or injuries stemming from the fire. Preliminary investigations suggest that the blaze was not the result of arson but likely due to a malfunction within the vehicle itself.
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