NewsElderly woman brutally murdered by own daughter and lover in horrific torture for hidden wealth

Elderly woman brutally murdered by own daughter and lover in horrific torture for hidden wealth

The woman, together with her lover, murdered her mother.
The woman, together with her lover, murdered her mother.
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4:33 AM EST, February 24, 2024

The murder wasn't driven by spur-of-the-moment emotions or revenge; it was a chilling act of premeditated murder and torture. The couple persistently caused the woman pain, all the while asking her where she'd hidden her money.

The woman had sadly taken in her daughter and the daughter's lover into her home in the tranquil Czech village of Libisany. The daughter had previously threatened her mother due to her refusal to transfer her estate.

Ironically, the woman was known to be wealthy.

As a result of her daughter's menacing behavior, the woman moved out of her ancestral home near Pardubice and relocated to Libisany. She also decided to break ties with her daughter. Nobody knows why she let them in on that fateful day.

A Grandmother's Dream

The elderly woman's guard was probably lowered by a glimmer of hope for a larger family. Her daughter had taken up with an older lover and they both visited the woman under the guise of reconciliation. Thinking that her daughter had finally mellowed, she welcomed the couple into her home, unknowingly stepping into a nightmare.

Tragically, the elderly woman was first violently assaulted by her daughter and the lover. As she lay on the floor, the man used a drill on her head, creating holes in her skull and neck.

In an attempt to erase the evidence of their monstrous act, the pair doused the woman's body with hydrochloric acid. It remains unclear whether they eventually found the wealth they were after. Regardless, they didn't get the chance to enjoy it – swift justice was served.

Both individuals are currently in police custody on charges of murder. They potentially face life imprisonment.

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