NewsElderly patient assaulted by doctor during eye surgery at Chinese hospital

Elderly patient assaulted by doctor during eye surgery at Chinese hospital

The surgeon hit the patient he was operating on in the head.
The surgeon hit the patient he was operating on in the head.
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10:42 AM EST, December 26, 2023

Although the video is dated 2019, it has only now emerged publicly. During the eye surgery, the doctor repeatedly strikes the 82-year-old patient on the head. He justified his aggressive actions, stating that the woman was moving her eyes during the procedure.

The corporation that owns the Guigang hospital, where the incident took place, explained that the local anesthesia administered to the woman did not fully dissipate her sensation, causing her eyes to move. This involuntary movement, likely a reflex, casts the surgeon's behavior in an even more outrageous light.

Patient experiences partial vision loss

In response to the incident, Aier China Corporation issued a statement. It defended the surgeon's response, stating that he acted in what was perceived as a "crisis situation," with the apparently non-compliant patient ignoring his instructions and warnings. The woman left the operating room with visible facial bruising.

The son of the patient reported that following the procedure, his elderly mother lost vision in one eye. However, it could not be definitively established that this was a consequence of the incident during the surgery. The facility had not reported the incident prior to the video surfacing on the internet.

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