TechElden Ring: Goldfish outplays two-thirds of gamers, defeats most brutal boss

Elden Ring: Goldfish outplays two‑thirds of gamers, defeats most brutal boss

The goldfish will defeat Malenia from Elden Ring.
The goldfish will defeat Malenia from Elden Ring.
Images source: © Youtube | PointCrow

5:25 AM EST, January 27, 2024

Elden Ring, another soulslike game from From Software, was released in early 2022. Last year, the game earned many accolades, including the esteemed title of 'Game of the Year' at the Game Awards gala. This wasn't the only award the developers received that day. Elden Ring was also named the best RPG of the year, and it was recognized for best art direction. At our WP Imperatory gala, we further lauded Elden Ring as the best game of the year.

What makes this game so magical? The high degree of difficulty, the dark and mysterious atmosphere, and most importantly, the immense satisfaction and rush of endorphins hitting our brain when we best a challenging boss after hours-long battles. Many players admitted defeat and were unable to complete the game. Some surrendered early in the game. But not a goldfish named "Tortellini".

A Youtuber named PointCrow shared a video showcasing a goldfish defeating Malenia, one of the toughest bosses in Elden Ring (often considered the most formidable opponent). How did this happen? Well, the goldfish wasn't actually operating the keyboard or controller, it was merely swimming freely in an aquarium. PointCrow installed sensors assigned to specific keys in the aquarium, so when the fish swam to a particular section, the character in Elden Ring executed an attack, movement, or dodge. It's quite a spectacle to witness.

According to data available on the Steam service, Malenia was defeated by only 35 percent of players. This implies that the goldfish proved to be a better player than almost two-thirds of the users. It's also worth mentioning many of those players received help from a player named Let Me Solo Her. He is considered a legend. This player engages in battles with random players using only a katana, without any armor - completely vulnerable but for a jar on his head. Although sounds absurd, as most players would presume he would die from a single hit, right?

Tortellini, the goldfish, may not have proved to be quite the "chad" as Let Me Solo Her, but it finally managed to defeat Malenia after a few attempts. The character, controlled by the fish "Tortellini" swimming in the aquarium, was well-leveled up beforehand. Still, this stands as a remarkable and ludicrous achievement in the world of gaming. While the goldfish's victory is impressive let's not forget the streamer who played Elden Ring using her own thoughts.

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