LifestyleEight injured and panic ensues in Diamond Harbour, West Bengal, following suspected jackal attacks

Eight injured and panic ensues in Diamond Harbour, West Bengal, following suspected jackal attacks

The residents of Diamond Harbour live in constant fear.
The residents of Diamond Harbour live in constant fear.
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4:37 AM EST, February 7, 2024

The residents of Diamond Harbour, located in the South 24-Parganas district of West Bengal, India, have been fearing for several days due to recurring attacks by unidentified wild animals or animals.

Jackal suspected of causing panic in India

According to a report in "The Telegraph" of India, nothing is sure about this case except that there have been multiple injuries resulting from the attacks of this unidentified predator.

Initial reports of the attacks surfaced on Saturday, February 3. By Sunday evening, eight people were reportedly injured in two districts – Mosharhat Gram Panchayat and Sarisha.

Based on the victims' descriptions, it is suspected that the attacks were conducted by a golden jackal or even multiple jackals, as stated by Milan Mandal, a forester from the South 24-Parganas district.

Those who were attacked stated that the animal did not entirely resemble a dog; instead, it displayed some fox features. Jackals are a crossbreed between dogs and foxes.

The eight injured people are receiving treatment in Diamond Harbor Superspeciality Hospital, and their condition is stable.

A wave of panic has gripped the residents. A team of 40 foresters is conducting searches, with two trap cages in each area.

"So far, no traces of the predator have been found," said Milan Mandal.

The forestry department is employing megaphones to advise residents against venturing out post-sunset.

"Golden jackals are nocturnal creatures. Attacks on humans are uncommon but are not unheard of," acknowledged the forester. "A jackal does not usually attack humans in search of food, but it may react if it senses a threat.".

In Kolkata, which is 31 miles from Diamond Harbour, the meadows by the airport have served as a habitat for jackals for several years. These animals have been known to wander onto the runways, disrupting flights.

In November 2022, jackals attacked at least 17 residents of Palashipara in Nadia. In an earlier event, about 40 people were injured in Bihar's Katihar district a year prior.

Source: The Telegraph India

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