NewsEgypt's outpost under fire. Israel explains its actions

Egypt's outpost under fire. Israel explains its actions

They struck an Egyptian outpost. Israel: "Accidental shot"
They struck an Egyptian outpost. Israel: "Accidental shot"
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10:02 AM EDT, October 23, 2023

The Israeli army admitted that one of their tanks "accidentally fired at an Egyptian military post". The IDF expressed regret for the incident and apologized for the situation that occurred.

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The incident occurred on Sunday, near Kerem Shalom, in the vicinity of a place where the borders of Egypt, Israel, and the Palestinian Gaza Strip meet - indicated The Times of Israel portal.

In the IDF statement, it was indicated that "an investigation into the incident is ongoing, and the details are being verified." It was also added that the Israeli Defense Forces "express sadness over the situation."

The Egyptian military has reported "minor injuries" sustained by border guards. However, the exact number of casualties has not been disclosed.

- During the fights in the Gaza Strip on Sunday, an Egyptian control tower was hit by shrapnel from a missile mistakenly fired by an Israeli tank, causing minor injuries to border security forces - the spokesman for the Egyptian army reported. The official emphasized that the "Israeli side immediately apologized".

Incident at the border. Injured border guards

Reuters Agency, citing witnesses, reported earlier that on Sunday near the border crossing between Egypt and the Gaza Strip in Rafah, the sound of an explosion could be heard.

Witnesses noticed ambulances driving on the Egyptian side of the border. According to unofficial information, seven injured people were transported to the hospital.

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