NewsEgypt: Tragic truck collision in Alexandria kills 15 people

Egypt: Tragic truck collision in Alexandria kills 15 people

Another huge road catastrophe occurred in Egypt within a few months (illustrative photo from October 2023)
Another huge road catastrophe occurred in Egypt within a few months (illustrative photo from October 2023)
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7:56 AM EST, February 14, 2024

The incident occurred late in the evening in Amreya, a district west of Alexandria.

The Associated Press cites in its report that the truck struck four minibusses. One subsequently overturned, while another caught fire. This resulted in at least 15 fatalities and left 8 people injured.

According to local media coverage, ambulances were dispatched to the crash site and transported injured victims to local hospitals.

This marks another large-scale road disaster in Egypt within a few months. Last October, a passenger bus collided with a stationary vehicle on the highway linking Alexandria and Cairo, causing 32 deaths and 63 injuries.

Another severe accident occurred towards the end of the same year when a bus carrying tourists skidded off a steep slope near the Temple of Hatshepsut. Although there were 15 injuries, no fatalities were reported.

Egypt is infamous for its poor transport safety record. Accidents and collisions commonly result from excessively high speeds, subpar road conditions, and inadequate enforcement of traffic regulations.

According to the latest report published in August 2023, it was revealed that in 2022, as many as 55,991 people in Egypt were injured due to traffic-related incidents, with 7,762 of them succumbing to their injuries.

Traffic incident statistics in Egypt over the past decade have followed a repetitive pattern. The number of accidents decreases by 6% in one year, only to return to the previous levels within two years.

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