Tips&TricksEggs pack high quality protein and their cartons show surprising second life uses

Eggs pack high quality protein and their cartons show surprising second life uses

How to use empty pressings?
How to use empty pressings?
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9:51 AM EST, February 1, 2024, updated: 4:33 AM EST, March 7, 2024

Eggs stand out among various food items because of their exceptional nutritional value. The World Health Organization assigns a high-quality reference status to egg protein due to its nine essential amino acids, which perform crucial functions within the human body.

The recommended intake for adults is at least ten eggs per week, and most of us consume significantly beyond this. Used in the preparation of omelettes, pancakes, cakes, scrambled eggs and coating, eggs are a common ingredient in many dishes. If you notice you're accumulating a lot of packaging from your egg consumption, don't simply discard it. Such packaging can be utilized in numerous ways.

Been amassing egg cartons at home? Don't discard them

Cartons are essentially the packaging material in which eggs are sold. Composed mainly of eco-friendly cardboard or thin styrofoam, these cartons are usually collected by some people and handed over to their local egg sellers, while others simply dispose of them. If you belong to the latter category, consider retaining them. They have a multitude of uses.

Familiar with Vinted? Regularly send parcels? Take advantage of your egg cartons for packaging protection. Cut them into smaller fragments and use them as padding inside your packages. They make excellent replacements for bubble wrap or old newspaper.

An egg carton can quickly be transformed into a simple bird feeder. Just fill a carton with bird food and set it by the window. This will aid animals during challenging times of the year. If you reside in a house with a yard and have a tree on your property, consider hanging the filled carton on a branch.

Enthusiastic about gardening? Convert cartons into handy seedling trays

If you own a garden, those saved cartons can serve as great substitutes for seedling trays. They can be used to plant herbs, sprouts or vegetables such as celery, tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers. After the "Cold Sofia" period in May, these seedlings can then be transferred to your garden. As you see, the humble egg carton can be quite resourceful.

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