LifestyleEfficient home remedies to remove damaging roof moss without specialist help

Efficient home remedies to remove damaging roof moss without specialist help

Moss on the roof - how to remove it?
Moss on the roof - how to remove it?
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9:56 AM EST, February 22, 2024

Moss often accumulates in areas with high humidity. While it may appear charming in a forest setting, its presence on a roof raises concerns. It is advisable to routinely remove moss from roof tiles as it can lead to substantial damage and expensive maintenance. 

But how can you remove moss from your roof without the need to call a specialist? Surprisingly, some home remedies can prove to be very effective.

Why is moss found on roofs?

Moss usually forms on roof tiles due to sap dripping onto the roof from tall trees, which cast shadows over the building. The greenish patina is commonly seen on bituminous, ceramic, or cement surfaces, particularly north-facing sections. 

Factors like poor roof ventilation and the presence of numerous roof windows and corners can amplify the risk of moss formation. Why does this happen? The wind carries plant seeds, which have a strong root system, enabling them to grow rapidly in the damp, dusty conditions created by rain.

What's the best method to rid a roof of moss?

As it turns out, removing moss from your roof doesn't have to be a challenging task and can be accomplished very straightforwardly. A stiff brush or pressure washer can handle the job effectively. But bear in mind if the tiles are smooth, it's better to stick with the pressure washer because intensive scrubbing might damage the surface.

However, intensive scrubbing might be the way forward when dealing with porous roof tiles since water alone may not eliminate all the moss. After cleaning the surface, experts recommend using a special cleansing agent to remove any remaining root system residues.

Applying this agent several times on severely affected areas and treating the roof with silicone-based products can significantly reduce the risk of moss reformation. Alternatively, you could install copper or zinc wires along the roof ridge, which can also prevent moss growth.

An at-home method for removing roof moss

Yet another cheap and practical home method to remove roof moss involves using a 9 percent vinegar solution. After coating the roof with vinegar and allowing the moss to wilt, you should sweep away the dried plant matter using a stiff brush. This method works best in cloudy and dry weather conditions.

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