Tips&TricksEfficient and budget-friendly techniques for cleaning paving stones post-winter

Efficient and budget-friendly techniques for cleaning paving stones post-winter

Now I only wash the paving stone this way.
Now I only wash the paving stone this way.
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9:35 AM EST, February 11, 2024

If you're a paving stone owner, you should know that maintaining their cleanliness is essential, albeit challenging. Now is a good time to improve their appearance, saving yourself labour and stress come spring. Dirty paving stones won't clean themselves, and harsh chemicals or a pressure washer aren't necessary. For cleaning paving stones, an inexpensive and safe solution is all you need.

How to clean paving stones?

Regular cleaning of paving stones is crucial for their durability and aesthetic appeal. Initially, it's beneficial to scrub them using a specific brush to remove the top layer of dirt. Its hard bristles will reach into the crevices, removing compacted moss, grass and leaves. Once this preliminary cleaning is done, washing them with an affordable homemade detergent becomes much easier.

Careful cleaning is needed for paving stones after winter

After the preliminary cleaning stage, it's crucial to thoroughly sweep away the loosened dirt lest it transforms into mud, giving rise to even more work. A simple broom and a generous dash of patience are all the tools you need for this task. If you're considering using a power washer, it's best to reconsider. While it's a common option when people aren't sure how to clean paving stones, it's not the most optimal solution. This machine will only waste water, power and time - cleaning paving stones can be executed much more quickly and easily.

What to use for cleaning paving stones

The cleaning process is quite simple. All you need are lemons and water. To clean paving stones, you'll require lemon juice mixed with water in a 2:1 ratio. The quantity of this mixture depends on the area of paving stones you need to clean. This homemade and natural cleaning agent will rapidly dissolve the dirt and deposits from the stones. Simply spray this solution on the driveway's surface, and after a few minutes, rinse the stones with water. Tough stains can be treated with vinegar.
What else can you clean paving stones with? Consider a combination of water and dish soap to effectively remove dirt accumulated over winter. Surprisingly, cola is another viable cleaning solution. It's an unassuming rust remover and efficiently eliminates greasy stains. Finally, once the stones are dry, remember to seal them, and they will maintain their fresh appearance throughout the season.
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